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Tech Heroes – Ritchie - Poster 24" x 24" (60x60 cm)
Poster 24" x 24" (60x60 cm)

Tech Heroes – Ritchie Poster 24" x 24" (60x60 cm)

An ode to the late Dennis Ritchie as part of the Tech Heroes series.
Product details
Poster 24" x 24" (60x60 cm), semi-glossy print, square layout. Brand: Spreadshirt.
EUR 21.50

Product Details

If a picture is worth a thousand words, our posters are worth at least two thousand! Bring any wall to life.

  • Semi-glossy print
  • Format: Square
  • 240 g/m²
  • High-quality, crisp, vibrant prints
Please note: There is no express or premium delivery option for posters.

Size One Size
Dimension A (inch) 60,0
Dimension B (inch) 60,0

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