Zabutom Zeta Force - Poster 16" x 16" (40x40 cm)
Poster 16" x 16" (40x40 cm)

Zabutom Zeta Force Poster 16" x 16" (40x40 cm)

The album cover for Zabutom's legendary album 'Zeta Force'.
Product details
Poster 16" x 16" (40x40 cm), semi-glossy picture printing, square layout. Brand: Spreadshirt.
EUR 21.50

Product Details

If a picture is worth a thousand words, Spreadshirt posters are worth at least two thousand! Print your favorite pictures in large format and spice up the décor in any room.

  • Semi-glossy picture printing
  • Square layout
  • 240 g/m²
  • High-quality, crisp, vibrant prints
Please note: There is no express or premium shipping option for posters.

Size One Size
Dimension A (inch) 40,0
Dimension B (inch) 40,0

Timewaster, is a series of the same concept. As time is limited, wasting time is a sin. First I made the screensaver, where the user would see how much seconds they left their computer unused.

Timewaster – The screensaver

Timewaster – The Commodore 64 demo

In 2001, we (Focus, the demoscene collective) made a translation of the concept for the Commodore 64. Where the nature of the screensaver got replaced with a linear, yet looping, version. With wonderful audio by Mindflow (Fredrik Hedvall). Download the Commodore 64 demo here.

Timewaster – Reaction productions

To my surprise, there’ve been made some productions in response. One being a parody, another being a straight port to another platform, and a remix for Amstrad CPC. All highly appreciated efforts.

Download the ZX Spectrum version here.
Download the C64 parody here.
Download the Amstrad CPC remix here.

Timesaver by Digital Excess
Timewaster by Timewasters
Timewaster by Timewasters